Kadın Olmanın Günahı, is an autobiographical documentary about the founder of the Women’s People’s Part durıng the Republic Era, a visionary feminist ahead of her time; Nezihe Muhittin. Directed by Ümran Safter, written by Ahsen Diner, Kadın Olmanın Günahı not only commemorates and introduces a woman deliberately not presented in history books; it also inspires woman to say “I’m here!” even today in our patriarchal societies.


Ankara International Film Festival 2019


Ümran Safter is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. For more than two decades she covered Turkey and the Middle East including the wars in Iraq and Syria for both print and television media. She started her filmmaking career in 2015 with a feature-length documentary called The Eye of Istanbul. It is about the legendary photographer Ara Guler. Her film was awarded the 2016 Best of Fest prize at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival and was screened at festivals in more than 10 countries. In 2018, she produced and directed The Sin of Being a Woman. A film about Turkish feminist and activist Nezihe Muhiddin. To date it has been screened at the Ankara International Film Festival, the Sofia Menar Film Festival and at the Flying Broom International Women Film Festival. She has also produced a number of television documentaries and television shows; including a feature on life in Guantanamo Prison filmed on location, the story of victims of the Bosnian war, and the conditions faced by Iraqi refugees in Syria. She is the co-founder and owner of Ekim Medya, an Istanbul-based film production company.


  • Director
    Ümran Safter
  • Screenplay
    Ahsen Diner
  • Cinematography
    Bertan Özer
  • Editing
    Fatih Ayyıldız
  • Cast
    Aysel Yıldırım
  • Producer
    Ümran Safter, Ahsen Diner, Suraj Sharma
  • Production Co.
    Ekim Film

15 September 2019 13:00

Cinemaximum Akasya Salon 6

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21 September 2019 11:00

Kadiköy Sinemasi Salon 1

22 September 2019 13:00

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