At the edge of society, a cow tips the balance of destiny with quite some impact…


Verena Fels was born 15.06.1980 in the south of Germany. After graduating 2004 in audiovisual media at the university of applied science “Hochschule der Medien”,Stuttgart. Verena began her studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in animation and filmmaking at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and digital Postproduction. The shortfilm Mobile is her graduation film.


  • Director
    Verena Fels
  • Screenplay
    Verena Fels
  • Cinematography
    Wolfram Kampffmeyer, Johannes Schiehsl, Michael Schulz, Julia Ocker, Jan Lachauer, Niklolai Neumetzler, Bin Han TO, Jacob Frey, Jonas Jarvers, Conrad Tambour, Pia Auteried, Regina Welker, Thomas Grumt, Nikolaos Saradopoulos, Verena Fels
  • Editing
    Stefan Habel
  • Cast
    Nina Göldner, Falko Paeper, Jens Schmelzle, Falk Schellenberger, Regina Welker , Christian Heck
  • Producer
    Regina Welker, Franziska Specht
  • Production Co.
    Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • Distributor
    Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

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