How can a band rehearsal go wrong? Other than the death of one of the members… One of the directors of Swiss Army Man Daniel Scheinert, introducing us with an absurd death which waiting to be solved and band members who are trying to escape from it in a town in Southern America where everyone’s nickname does not have any relation with their real name. Throughout the film, heavy southern accent and non-stop misfortunes leaves a funny smile on your face. Dick's death, initially thought to have been the victim of an ugly murder, is not what it is supposed to be.


Sundance Film Festival 2019


Daniel Scheinert is best known as the redneck half of the writing/ directing duo DANIELS along with Daniel Kwan. Together they won Best Director at Sundance 2016 for their feature film Swiss Army Man, and Best Director at the MTV VMAs 2014 for ‘Turn Down for What’.


  • Director
    Daniel Scheinert
  • Screenplay
    Billy Chew
  • Cinematography
    Ashley Connor
  • Editing
    Paul Rogers
  • Cast
    Michael Abbott Jr. , Virginia Newcomb, Andre Hyland, Sarah Baker, Jess Weixler
  • Producer
    Jonathan Wang, Daniel Scheinert, Melodie Sisk, Ted Speaker
  • Production Co.
  • Distributor

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