Financial Expire Date

18 September 2019 (14:30 - 16:30), Yeldegirmeni Sanat

Speakers: Zümrüt Arol Bekçe (TR), Deniz Şaşmaz Oflaz (TR)

Starting from the film “Consequences” by Ozan Açıktan, we ask questions and seek answers about producing an independent film by mainstream film production company with CEO of BKM and the financial lifetime of films with Deniz Şaşmaz Oflaz, Head of Content Acquisitions & Productions of Blu TV which is a SVOD platform.

Why might the directors be unable to shoot their scripts chronologically? Why and how does BKM produce an independent film? What kind of financial strategies are formulated during financing stage? How would an independent film keep gaining profit after its process of festival roaming and theatrical distribution is over? When does the financial shelf life of a film expire or does it? When does the digital platforms contribute to the process?

Workshops will differ as English and Turkish. There will not be a simultaneous translation. 

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