Yetersiz Bakiye @!f X

19 September 2019 (17:30 - 19:00), TAK

Speakers: Yamaç Okur (TR), Serkan Çakarer (TR)

Here is the Yetersiz Bakiye’s special podcast for !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival. Producers Serkan Çakarer and Yamaç Okur will talk about their own adventure of making debut films.

With Serkan Çakarer who is the producer of Ahmet Uluçay’s debut and the only feature “Boats Out Of Watermelon Rinds” and Yamaç Okur the producer of Seyfi Teoman’s debut film “Summer Book” we will seek answers for the questions such as how did they choose to produce these films? How did they secure the finance and close the budget of these films? How were the teams built up, how did they make their decisions on festival roaming and distribution strategy?

Workshops will differ as English and Turkish. There will not be a simultaneous translation.

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